Syndication Process

Questions & Answers

When will I get my original investment back and what is the holding period?

How frequently do I get paid?

What is the process / timeline?

What are your fees?

What happens if I want to use my invested money for something else? Can I pull it out? 

If I want to invest, what are the next steps?

How does the process work after you find an investment?

Who manages the property?

What is a PPM?

How will you communicate with me?

How do you renovate with people living there?

What type of reporting do the investors receive?

What's the difference between a 506(b) and 506(c) apartment syndication offering?

What happens if the project fails?

Is everyone notified at the same time when you have a new opportunity?

​All Multifamily Syndication FAQs

What is the minimum investment?

Who will be my point person?

What happens if we have a hardship and want to get out before we sell the property?

What happens if you can't make the projected cash flow? 

Have you ever sold your own shares before selling the property in any syndication?

What does my money go towards?

Who owns the property?