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Delphine Nguyen

I believe the most important things in life are relationships and the impact we have on people.  In order to nurture these relationships, I need a stable emotional and financial foundation. It is with these goals in mind that I invest my time and energy.  To build a strong financial foundation, I have chose to focus mainly on real estate investing.  I am so glad you have decided to visit the site.  I am excited to share with you what we have learned and still learning about real estate investing!

My Story?

When I first came to America I already had some knowledge of income producing property investment from Vietnam.  I continued to pursue my real estate goals starting by becoming a real estate agent.  My husband and I shared a room in his friend's house in San Diego after our marriage.  Nowadays, should we call it co-living? 

After just a few months of marriage, we purchased our first home. We lost more at the learning curve began. Thank God that our current portfolio remains strong along with our experience getting richer. 

From our primary home purchase to single family rental properties to multifamily investments including co-living model, we learned a lot. Our cashflow and equity increased along with the size of our portfolio. 

Sharing with you

Sharing with you....

We love sharing with our family, friends and whoever is interested in finding a way to generate cash flow and build wealth for their future. There are numerous ways to reach financial freedom. As for us, real estate investing helps get us there and we are about to share with you our journey.

Besides real estate investing that I am passionate about, I love reading, writing, psychology, traveling, website design, photography and cooking. The last one is what not only giving our friends and us a great time to enjoy friendship and good food but also bond our daughters, Henry and I from grocery shopping to food preparation, cooking and serving our guests.

Sharing with you 1

Have you ever thought....

These and others are common questions for those new to real estate investing.  We had the same questions during our journey as well.  That is one reason we have created this site--to provide clear answers and guidance to more complex scenarios. This is our passion and one reason we love real estate investing.

What we can bring to you

You will benefit from a profitable, simple and rewarding experience. Our partners across strong US and international markets are looking for good opportunities to buy. We force appreciation the acquired properties by rehabbing the interior and exterior to increase the value. After a certain holding time, typically 5-7 years, the property will be sold when the market confirms its higher value.

Our mission is:

  • Provide you the insights of real estate investing especially multifamily syndication so you can build real wealth outside of your earned income, your business and Wall Street.
  • Demonstrate case studies and samples of return on investment.
  • Bring you a step-by-step guidance

If you are interested in real estate but lack the capital, keep learning while you build the reserve so that you will be well prepared with the knowledge once you are ready.

If you have the capital ready to invest, after we know each other, I will share with you the opportunities that will come up. We can start with a phone call whenever you are ready and then begin to create passive income streams with us.

Meet My Team

We want to make sure you have the best experience, from the initial contact, to the investment process, and post closing. Our knowledgeable team members will help you select from the best multifamily investment opportunities in the US to invest in. Meet the team behind our investors’ success.



Henry che




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