Can I Take a Tour of Co-Living Buildings?

Co-Living Buildings

Are you ready to take a tour of co-living buildings? Good. Imagine you live in Atlanta and just landed a job in San Francisco as a software engineer. You visited San Francisco exactly 20 years ago - when you were seven. It goes without saying that you are not familiar with the city. You search for rentals on Craigslist only to find the best deals - $3,500 for a studio - are snapped off the market within 12 hours.

And these studios that are rented like hotcakes? They resemble burned-out bunkers. You wouldn’t want to touch them with a ten-foot pole, let alone sign a $3,500 p/m lease!

This, my friend, is where co-living can be the perfect solution. It’s a soft landing in an expensive and unfamiliar city. Let’s take a tour of co-living buildings with me…

Take a Tour of Co-Living Buildings (or Three, or Four, or Five…)

Most co-living spaces are in urban centers, near jobs, schools, and public transportation. The co-living spaces are far more livable than what you would find in a typical sublet or lease moving to a big city. You’re not about to embark inside a frat house, co-living buildings are often luxury apartments, outfitted with new and tasteful furnishings, high-quality appliances, and stunning common areas.

Co-Living Buildings

Co-living Chicago

If you enter Common, a co-living Chicago company with buildings in Uptown, Ukrainian Village, Lakeview East, and Pilsen, you will see a magnificent common area where residents may gather. It looks something like this...

As you make your way to your private room in one of Common’s four Chicago co-living spaces, you’ll see an ensuite bath, kitchen, and homey living area - all furnished and equipped for your daily living.

More Co-living Chicago Spaces

Another popular co-living Chicago company is CityPads. CityPads prides themselves on renovating old, historic buildings in Chicago. One example is the historic “Hazelton” building in Uptown. Comprising mostly of studios, the Hazelton is outfitted with Class A (read: luxury) amenities. 

Home to a speak-easy in years gone past, the space has been repurposed as a lounge and rec room for the tenants.



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Co-living New York

The Collective operates a co-living New York space out of New York’s Long Island. Revamping a former paper factory, The Collective has revitalized an older building with history, so that the neighborhood’s roots can be preserved for years to come. 

When you first enter the The Collective’s co-living New York Long Island space, you’re greeted with the “conservatory,” a sun-filled communal space that beckons you to stay awhile…

If you’re feeling like you need to burn off some calories after one of the co-space’s family-style dinners, you can hit the gym….

And finally, you have event space to put on that show you and your bandmates have been talking for years about…

Co-living New York with WeWork’s, WeLive

WeLive of WeWork fame describes co-living New York succinctly, with: “your stay, your way.”

Co-living New York with Common located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Co-living San Francisco

If moving to San Francisco, don’t waste time with Lovely or Craigslist - check out co-living San Francisco with The Bungalow. Their motto conveys the co-living spirit, “love where you live and who you live with.”

Laurel Heights Co-living San Francisco is just one Example of Many

This four-bed, two-bath home in Laurel Heights boasts a yard and parking, a rare commodity in San Francisco sublets. 

Let’s tour co-living San Francisco - Starcity's SoMa South Park coliving home.


Co-living Los Angeles

Those new to Los Angeles are about to be sticker-shocked with rent these days unless of course, they check out Starcity’s co-living Los Angeles location…

For less than $2,000, a newcomer can rent a co-suite in Venice, a beachside neighborhood in Los Angeles, and enjoy ocean-views from the roof-deck.


Co-living Pittsburg

Ollie, a popular co-sharing company that focuses on higher-end, luxury spaces has plans in the works to open a co-living building in Los Angeles. However, until then, you can enjoy co-living Pittsburg arrangements with Ollie.

The co-living Pittsburgh space also include microsuites, smaller stand-alone units that are on co-living floors, so these spaces are great for those who want privacy, yet are eager to meet people in a more socially-friendly building.

co-living Chicago IL

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